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Discover How You Can Close On Your Next Deal In 12 Week or Less
No Money, No Credit, No Problem, You can still get it done because you have time.
    "Close Your 1st Deal in 12 Weeks or Less"
Vol 1: Close Your 1st Deal 

  •  Over 40 Instructional Real Estate Related Videos - $300
  •  Agreements, Contract, Property Inspection Sheet - $25
  •  The Deal Analyzer + Live Calls with Previous Students - $99
  •  WholeSale, Lease Option & Quit Your Day Job Book  - $25
  •  Closed Facebook Group For Unlimited Q&A - $29.99/mo
  •  A Step By Step Guide For Real Estate InvestingPrice Less
No Cash, No Money, No Time...You Can Still Get It Done!
If you have Time, you don’t need Cash or Credit to get started in real estate

If you have Credit, you don’t need Time or Cash to get started in real estate

If you have Cash, you don’t need Time or Credit to get started in real estate
                                                                                                               Think about it…

I worked a day job. Yes, yes once upon a time I, Juan Pablo, had a day job working for the government, but that is not the point. The point is even though I was making about $80,000 per year before taxes, I was only able to purchase 2 properties. I saved up enough to put a down payment on 2 properties, and guess what....I not even close to becoming financially free AND I WAS OUT OF CASH. It took me 2 years to save up all that money up to purchase those 2 properties.

Not only did I not have any more money, I had collections and late pays on my credit report which prevented me from getting financing, I had no knowledge of how to get started based upon my current situation. I realized that I changed must occur if I was to hit my goal of financial freedom within 5 years.

With the help of "Non-Traditional Investing," I now have 72 rental units in my portfolio and can close deals any way I want and oh yea...I Quit My Day Job and I'm focused on obtaining more and showing others how to do it too.

You do not need to save up a huge amount to purchase real estate. Actually, you do not need to money at all, but the money has to come from somewhere. The money can come from Family or Friends, however, I prefer other strategies to get access to capital, and that is the key.

Strategy...I did not need more money, I needed a better strategy. Below are just a few strategies that I used to acquire income-producing properties with little to none of my own money.

1. Have you ever thought about making the seller your bank? 
This called Seller Financing 

2. Have you tried raising money from people who understand interest rates & profit sharing? 
This is called Syndication or Becoming a General Partner and sometimes Family and Friends think you are asking for a hook up when you ask them to invest. Investing is a business decision and you will learn that how you analyze and talk about a deal will determine the type of investors you get

3. Ever heard of Hard Money, Low Docs or Business Funding?
 These are all financing strategies DESIGNED for investors to acquire properties.

All of these strategies are outlined in Cash Flow Academy, Vol 1: Close Your 1st Deal in 12 Weeks or Less Using Wholesaling, Lease Options and Creative Financing.

Vol 1: Close Your 1st Deal in 12 Weeks or Less Using WholeSaling and Lease Option
Here Is What You Get:
WholeSaling and Creative Financing" - 26 Videos
  • 26 Videos specifically geared towards WholeSaling and Lease Option
  •  Some of the Videos In This Module: 
  • What’s needed to set up your wholesaling business?
  • Planning Wholesaling
  • Wholesaling in another market
  • Wholesaling Negotiations
  • Wholesaling real estate using podio
  • What to do first in wholesaling?
  • Motivated sellers are calling you, now what?
  • How to buy and hold without banks
  • Entity selection
  • Syndications - How to Raising money and become the GP on a Deal
  • Coaching a student on Lease Options (More than 1 of these)
You will Finally be able to answer these 
  • How do I get started in Real Estate?
  •  What are the various real estate stategies?
  •  What Should I Get Started with? --> Single Or Multifamily?
  •  Should I buy a personal home 1st or a rental property?
  •  What entity should I should and why?
  •  The Difference between Real Estate Stategies and When To Use Them: Lease Options, Master Lease Option, and WholeSaling
"Your First Real Estate Stategy" - 15 Videos
  • 15 videos designed on choosing a real estate strategy that best fits YOU!
  •  Highlighted Videos In This Module:
  • Where should I place my money first?
  • What should I buy first?
  • Focus on one strategy at a time
  • Deal Matrix: Your First Deal
  • Roadmap to becoming the Total Package
  • Before you obtain financial freedom
  • Buy and Hold: Single or multifamily?
  • How should I get started: Single or Multifamily?
  • Ugly single family with hard money
  • Hard money webinar
  • High Performer Real Estate Investor webinar
Core Concepts
Where should I place my money first?
  • The strategies that produce the highest cash on cash return
  • Paying down debt firms or buy a real estate 
  • Generate passive income to quit your day job
How should I get started: Single or Multifamily?
  • Having access to the capital
  • Increase your rental portfolio 
  • Advantages for dual multifamily / single-family  
  • Use pretty single family in deal analyzer 
  • Price vs Terms trade-off. 
  • Partnership on a single, duplex, triplex, or quadplex 
  • House hacking model, cash flow with regular tenants. 
  • Focus on yield plays vs value plays.
  •  Ways of investing activities all day long. 
  •  Fear and the subconscious mind 
  •   Generate passive income to quit your day job 

First Deal, Deal Matrix
  • Obtain pretty credit by paying down debts
  •  Achieve financial freedom within the next 5years. 
  •  Establish credibility through your proof of funds, pre-qualification letter, and foreclosures 
  •  Getting started in real estate investing. 
  •  50 ways to do one deal  
  •  Receive proceeds from your wholesaling or flipping report.
Hard money webinar
  • Whether it’s a multifamily or wholesale deal.
  • Ways of investing activities all day long. 
  • Fear and the subconscious mind 
  • Real estate books, biographies, self-help books, and personal development books
  •  Whether it’s a multifamily or wholesale deal.
  •  A step by step guide through creative real estate investing using little to none of your own cash
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Wholesaling And Creative Financing!
Wholesaling real estate
  • Networking and marketing genius
  • Minimal risk involved. No money required except consideration 
  • Reinvest for buy and hold strategy. 
  • Who do wholesalers wholesale their deals too
Wholesaling Webinars to watch
  • Planning Wholesaling
  • Driving for dollars 
  • Wholesaling in another market and negotiations 
  • Wholesaling via Facebook and via Craigslist 
  • Wholesaling via Bandit Signs 
Build your buyer’s list & close
  • Networking: Investors, Flippers, Wholesalers.
  • Keep knowledge about your Buyers List and know them well. 
  • How fast can you close? Cash or financing? Last closing? End buyer?  
  • Realtor = look up cash transactions. Property tax records. Cold-call buyers to be their deal-finder.  
  • Networking = REIAs - Shake hands & business cards.  
  • Lock down buyer, assign contract, but stick with it until closing  
  • Keep increasing your marketing & buyer’s list. 
What’s needed to set up your wholesaling business?
  • Seek attorney for the right entity to form.
  •  3 real estate networking groups. Befriend wholesalers, buy and holders, and flippers. 
  •  Buyers list. 
  •  Coaching spreadsheet to keep track. 
  •  Be accessible. 
  •  Consider Podio. 1on1 coaching for set up. 
What to do first in wholesaling
  • Find Sellers vs Buyers
  •  Must have detailed information about Wholesaling Real Estate Without Cash or Credit 
Lease options
  • Do appraisal and property inspection.
  • Have tenant buyer enroll in credit repair as a requirement.  
  • Difference between a LO and a MLO. 
  • Check the Total eBook Package on the two hour recording. 

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