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In today’s economic conditions, having a bad credit is extremely unfortunate. It might create quite a negative impact on your financial health and end up with higher interest rates, loan application rejections and a lot of other financial problems.

That’s why, now is the time to fix your credit and improve your FICO scores. Don’t let challenged credit, limit your lifestyle.

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Do you find yourself being turned down for loan applications due to bad-credits? Our credit repair process is about helping consumers increase their credit scores in a quick span of time. And so, 100 percent financed is right here to help you find ways to fix your bad credit in 35 days or less, and raise your credit score substantially. Here you will find multiple effective and competent ways to fix a credit score and maintain a good credit regardless of your current situation!

100 Percent Financed provides you with numerous concepts, tools, and techniques related to credit repair and credit building, which will help you in reaching your desired goals of Pretty Credit.
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1.) An Easy To Use Comprensive Step by Step Instructional PDF For The Disputing Process ($299 Value)
2.) A Collection of Attorney Approved Section 609 Templated Dispute Letters ($199 Value)
3.) Additional Material: Additional Aggressive Dispute Letters, Access to our closed FB Group ($99 Value)
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The Pretty Credit Guide Vol I: Dispute and Remove Derogatory Items ($299 Value)
1.) Types of negative accounts allowed to be reported on your credit file. 

2.) Who are and how the 3 main credit bureaus operate.

3.) Complete understanding of the mindset of creditors and lenders and how your credit report helps them determine whether or not to extend you credit.

4.) Tools and resources available to you to assist in repairing your credit such as: FCRA Laws, Credit Monitoring Services, How to get a Free Credit Report and more!

609 Dispute Letters Templates: Dispute and Remove Derogatory Items Derogatory Items ($199 Value)
(Inquiries Removal Not Included!) 
The attorney templated 609 Dispute Letters Templates: Dispute and Remove Derogatory Items are accessible three different ways to save you time:
1. Available in the table of contents simply by Resources. 
2. A Clickable link directly within the body of the eBook  
3. There are also packaged separately outside of the eBook for easy access  

Additional Material: ($99 Value)
We also provide an additional material, which includes Additional Aggressive Letters tailored for you to use if you find that the Credit Bureaus are stubborn in removing disputed items after four rounds of disputes. Join the 473 Pretty Credit Members on the closed facebook group where we discuss the hidden secrets we have undercovered during the credit repair process. 

Special Bonuses: ($199 Value)
These videos give you training on how to repair your credit to reinforce your understanding of the credit repair process while you interface with the eBook. There are even videos on how you can get business credit once your credit is repaired, and how to become a real estate investor. 
You can watch these videos in any order you like, before or after you access your eBook. 

Closed FaceBook Group
The Secrets Of Credit Repair and Additional Documents, Tips and Tricks
Business Funding Video (Learn How To Get The Funding Your Business Needs In 21 Days or Less)
Creative Real Estate Investing Video (No Money, No Credit?.....No Problem)

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Vol I: Dispute and Remove Derogatory Items
  •  Make Use Of The Templated 609 Dispute Letters To Remove All Of The Negative Items Off Your Credit Report
  •  With The Negative Items Out Of The Way, Develop Solid Positive Items To Take Their Place
  •  How You Can Tackle Unresponsive Credit Bureaus And Make Your Dispute Letter More Effective
  •  How You Can Properly Follow Tables And Charts To Send Your Dispute LettersOut In The Most Efficient Way Possible
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What's included?
If you have derogatory items (Bankruptcy, Collections, Charge-off, Tax Liens, Late Pays, Medical Bills, etc) and, you want to save money and have the time to repair your own credit, then this product is for you. As long as you are detailed oriented, meticulous, and patient, then this product is for you. 
  •  Closed facebook group
  •  A Step-By-Step Guide To Finally Reparing Your Personal Credit and on How To Use Dispute Letters Templates
  •  All Document: 7 Templated Dispute Letters, All supporting Documents, & Instructions on what to do and how to do it
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