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The monthly mastermind includes the following:
1. Real estate and business credit related e-books, audiobooks, documents, and videos (Convert business credit into cash, Master lease option videos, Wholesaling real estate, Flipping real estate, Using business credit and hard money for real estate, Property management, Financial freedom principles, etc).

2. Three two hour calls a month: Mastermind, Multifamily, and Wholesaling. These calls will be conducted via webinars and teleconferences.
Mastermind calls help with your mindset, so you can be increase your productivity, manage your time, avoid being burned out, affirmations, etc.
Multifamily calls focus on the buy and hold strategy implementing creative financing.
Wholesaling calls show you how to get started in real estate without cash or credit.

3. Recorded calls. Call recordings expire every 30 days.

4. Q&A via calls and closed Facebook group.

5. Calendar of all calls including syllabus.

6. Cancel at any time.
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