100PF Live Event - Feb 03rd ATL, GA
"How To Close Your First Deal in 12 Weeks or Less" 
No Money, Bad Credit, Very Little Time - You Can Still Close Your 1st Deal and We Show You How!
Sorry, You Missed This Event, But You Can Access The Recording Down Below As Well As All Of The Handouts & Documents!
We Covered The Following Topics:
How to analyze ANY real estate deal property, How to find, buy and sell real estate with little to zero money and bad credit. This event shows how to turn your life around mentally and financially by focusing on a new concept called Creative Real Estate Investing. All you need is 10 hours a week to get started. Find out where to start...
Find Out Where To Find Sellers! And, HOW To Close Buyers
The path to 7-Figures in Real Estate is reached by thinking about and implementing those two comments above. Let me share something with you: as soon as someone figures out the “Where” and the “How,” their business can go from $0-$1Million almost overnight. Your business starts with your very First deal!
That means you’re just one click away from being inducted to the tactics and strategies of Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling through the use of Creative Financing.

This live event shows various ways to become a successful real estate investor. It will also help you learn the ins and outs of wholesaling (Being the middle person in the transcation), along with learning how to plan your wholesaling and marketing strategy to benefit your new business. So, what are you waiting for??
Attend this live event and learn how you can Close Your First Deal In 12 Weeks Or Less!

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The People's Mentor
72 Unit Portfolio, Quit His Day Job In Less Than 5 Years After Becoming Financially Free

King Louie V, The King Of Creative Real Estate Investing, was able to acquire 19 rental units without ever using bank or conventional financing.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to build connections with Juan and Louis. They will personally answer your questions. a successful in real estate and wholesaling using creative financing. Be sure to take advantage of our huge library of resources. Through these resources, you will learn how to close deals tha lead to checks with an s. We show a simple step by step process in order for you to get your personal finance in line then wholesale without any money or credit, find deals using sellers money, flip houses, and analyze deals!
Don't let challenged credit limit your lifestyle. Build a profitable future and turn your dreams into reality!
Schedule Of The Recording
Check In
#  HandOut Questionnaire
#  Sales team mingle with attendees
Webinar Teaster
#  GO LIVE on SM platforms!!
Introduction- Juan Pablo
#  Why are you here?
 ○ Introduction to the 100PF team and everyone in the room
 ○ 100 Percent Financed Introduction
#  Fill out Questionnaire WorkSheet
Know thy numbers (What is your freedom number?) - Juan
#  Personal Financial and Goals Section (15 - 20 mins)
#  Complete Personal Financial Section (15 - 20 mins)
#  The Freedom Number Game
#  Collect Questionnaires Business credit and testimonies
#  (10:30 - 11:30) GO LIVE on SM platforms!!
Break - Food & Beverages Provided 
#  Food should arrive at this time
#  Cash Flow Academy Introduction and Open Discussion
#  Testimonials Videos - (Meet Rudy, The Videographer) 
Deal Matrix - Juan
#  Time, Money and Credit Matrix
#  Introduction of Different Real Estate Strategy / Techniques & Negotiations
#  The Strategic Thinking Game: Learn how to use each strategy.
  ○ WholeSale, Lease Option, Seller Financing, Conventional, No Deal, Etc...
Deal Analysis - Juan and/or Louis
#  Two Live Case Study 1-2 deals
  ○ Creative Financing Exercise (Case-Study) - Louis
  ○ Master Lease Option (Back by popular demand) - Juan Pablo

Closing - Juan 
#  Q&A, photos, extras
#  End
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Dear Investors and Wholesalers,

This event is designed to help you Close Your First Deal In 12 Weeks Or Less utilizing one of the many methods we teach.

I want to share with you the transformation we’ll create together for your business.

There is one unifying goal that we have:
Close Your First Deal In 12 Weeks Or Less...
...Next Level

From: Juan Pablo
100 Percent Financed

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