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Exclusive: "10 Ways To Convert Credit Into Cash" 
Bonus:  How we bought houses with credit cards!
Here's What You'll Receive:
> How to Buy Houses with Credit Cards

> 10 Tactics to Convert Business Credit Into Cash

> Private Facebook Group for Unlimited Q&A

> Real Estate Deal Analyzer

> BONUS OFFER: Bridging the gap between Real Estate and Credit Cards
Exclusive "10 Ways To Convert Business Credit Into Cash" Audiobook
You may be curious (or frustrated) on how you can convert your business credit cards into cash.  Well, we have a two hour recorded conference call and a video on our "Read Me First" document exclusively for you!

More Topics Discussed:
> Business Credit & Business Funding
> Real Estate Investing (Both Traditional Investing and Creative Investing)
> The Mindset You Must Have ("The Mindset Trumps the Skillset") 

Learn the 10 New Ways to Pull Cash Off of Your Credit Cards
One of the methods discussed in this audiobook is the merchant account method. The merchant account method is a VERY fast way to get credit card accounts closed if used improperly. 
> When using the merchant account method, the buyer cannot have any association with the merchant account that they are making payment to. 
*The Buyer and merchant account must reside at different addresses.
*The Buyer and merchant account must be separate entities. 
*The Buyer and merchant account cannot have any kind of paper relationship. 
*The Buyer cannot make purchases through a partners merchant account. 
This is a Do It Yourself product; therefore, listen to this audiobook several times. Most clients do not know how to properly structure merchant account transactions and will end up getting their business cards closed if they use the merchant account method (and they still have to pay our invoices).
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